Full control over AI generated images

By easily building a 3D scene that guides generation

🌄 Consistent scenes
👩 Consistent characters
📷 Multiple camera angles
📐No previous 3D experience needed

Get started with 30 free credits. Pricing here


How it works!


Generate 3D Models

If none of the pre-made 3D models suit your scene you can generate new ones. Either by uploading an image as reference or generating one.

Reference Image

Upload an image that will control the image generation. You can upload a face image if you want a specific character, or just an image to control the general style.

Easy Navigation

Navigate easily like gaming with WASD or arrow keys.


You can get an unlimited subscription or pay per generated image. You get 30 free credits to begin trying it out. Subscription/Credits are bought in the application. Prices are in USD.




Billed as $39 monthly



Billed as $228 yearly


One credit generates one image.



0.090 $/credit



0.038 $/credit



0.032 $/credit


Why Blimey?

There are many tools to generate images using AI, so why use blimey? If you have a specific vision for what you want to create or are limited to specific colors, it is difficult controlling that using only a text prompt. While it does take more time to set up a 3D scene it allows for the following advantages:

1) Control Composition

Titanic pose with extended arms

Ancient square wheels

2) Control Colors

3) Multiple Scene Angles


I'm Markus, creator of Blimey. I made Blimey as I wanted to faster create images that concurred with the vision in my head. For that I needed more control over colors and composition of AI generated images. I currently build Blimey alone and any feedback you can give is appreciated!

Let's get creative!

Send an email to markus@blimeycreate.com if you have any problems, feedback or comments. I'd love to hear from you!

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2024-03-15 - v. 1.16

New Feature: Generate 3D models

2024-01-22 - v. 1.15

New Feature: Import .obj files

Bug fix: Crash on log-in for some users fixed

2023-12-27 - v. 1.14

New Feature: Face Image prompts

Bug fix: No more crashes after stopping to use image prompts

2023-12-22 - v. 1.13

New Feature: Image prompts

2023-12-13 - v. 1.12

New Feature: Upscaling (4x) feature

2023-12-05 - v. 1.11

New Feature: Live image generation